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2002-07-23 Debugger patch for Fuse

Look here for a patch that adds a debugger to Fuse 0.4.2.

2002-06-06 PocketClive Release 2B launched

PocketClive is an adaptation of the Unix ZX Spectrum emulator FUSE for PocketPC.

New in this release :

Release 2B has the following features :


PocketClive binaries are released unded the GNU Public License (GPL), see for details.

The source code of PocketClive is covered by several licenses, see each separate source file for details. Of special interest is the source code of FUSE which is Philip Kendall and released under the GNU Public License.

The Spectrum roms are Amstrad, but they have granted free distribution for emulators, see for details.

Code and graphics

PocketClive uses code etc from the following sources :


Choose one of the following files (see installation page for installation instructions) :

Note :

PocketClive 2B - Installation program

PocketClive 2B - ARM CAB file

PocketClive 2B - MIPS CAB file

PocketClive 2B - SH CAB file

PocketClive 2B - Source code

Note :

The compilation of the source code involves a couple of steps so if you are interested please contact me.

More PocketClive Information

Screenshots of PocketClive

PocketClive Installation Instructions

PocketClive Manual

Contact information

Please contact the author at or drop a note at the newsgroup comp.sys.sinclair.